Perfected 48 Frame High Frame Rate Digital Cinema

DMX™ is a HFR (High Frame Rate) breakthrough production, distribution
and exhibition digital format.The process is void of the “soap opera look”
which has plagued HFR feature films to date without compromising the
quality of the projected image. It is a hybrid 2-D “no glasses needed” digital
process that creates the “look” of dimension but is projected with any DCI complient
2-K or 4-K digital cinema projector and 3-D enabled server. This is achieved by utilizing
the 48hz image processing technology which substantially improves the spatial and
temporal resolution of the image being projected. In addition, through proprietary methods,
image contrast, brightness and motion artifacts such as strobing and image judder during
panning are improved over conventional film and digital cinema presentations even on large wide screens.

DMX™ Cinema HFR technology utilizes the existing in place digital cinema hardware with the addition of a simple DMX™ macro software download. DMX™ has developed proprietary software and hardware for production, post production and exhibition. Motion pictures can even be re-scaled or repurposed for the “look” of 70mm even if they were shot 50 years ago or just yesterday. DMX™ Cinema HFR provides for an “out of home” movie entertainment that can NOT be duplicated in the home, you must go to a multiplex to see it!