DMX™ 48-Frame Large Format Digital Exhibition

DMX Super Cinema™, Movie Entertainment Like You've Never Seen Before

DMX Super Cinema™, Movie Entertainment Like You’ve Never Seen Before

DMX™ is a 2K DCI compliant HFR 48-frame exhibition technology that creates a 4K “look” without any hardware alterations. DMX™  2-D technology creates depth and spatial “multi plane” movement but in a two dimensional “no glasses needed” medium. Existing multiplex digital cinema installations including the in- place theater screens do not have to be changed, making it “ready to go” for the thousands of large screen theaters now equipped for 2K digital exhibition. In addition, the DMX™ format offers a significant incentive for a greater number of Digital 2K projector theater installations in the foreseeable future.

When using the company’s proprietary HFR software loaded into the digital projector and server the image on the screen is startling. It replicates the value added difference in movie entertainment comparable to what 70mm had achieved over conventional 35mm. DMX™ has the potential to revitalize cinemas by bringing people back into theaters with its large format “look.” It can make the experience of going to the theater special again by providing a visual spectacle that simply cannot be replicated in the home environment—or in theaters not equipped for DMX™ exhibition.


What Is A DMX Super Cinema™ Theater?

What is a DMX Super Cinema™ Theater? DMX Cinema Technology™ employs a concept of high impact visual and aural movie-going entertainment. Digital projection of superior performance is at the heart of the screen image. Fourty eight-frame per second crystal clear immersive images are displayed in a way that makes movies “jump off” the screen. In some ways the image on the screen looks like the large format 70mm images that impressed film industry veterans and the public of the “road show”, big ticket era.

With a screen brightness on a standard gain screen in excess of 16 foot-lamberts DMX™ produces color and contrast like no other digital cinema projection method. On wide screens of 50-feet or more, up to eight stories wide, floor to ceiling, the big epic movie experience is faithful to the CinemaScope™ – Panavision™ wide screen aspect ratio of 2.4:1, of today’s event movies. The screen is slightly curved to enhance the audience participation effect as well as to ensure maximum sharpness and uniform brightness. A masking and curtain system provides for a value added theatrical presentation not typical in today’s “cookie cutter” multiplex auditoriums. Not altered or cropped, these DMX™ widescreen films make going to a movie something special; you’re “in the movie.”

Spectacular 7.1 or 5.1 sound accompanies DMX Super Cinema™ digitally projected images. On large screens of 50-feet or more 7.1 expansive digital sound creates a sound stage of unrivaled movie theater presentation. With a power of more than 14,500 watts, the impact of sound equals the impact of the 48-frame images and combines to “super charge” the DMX Super Cinema™ entertainment experience.