DMX™ 48-Frame Post Production


Post production for DMX™ 48-frame HFR digital or filmed 2-D productions can be accomplished in either electronic or film cutting methods. Proprietary software and in some cases hardware are employed with commonly used work flows. A patented method for transforming 24-frame footage to 48-frames can be used for footage shot at 24-frames such as CGI, animation and stock footage.

While a fantastic way to boost the quality of new films, DMX™ can also lend new value to existing film libraries. Through efficient and cost-effective means, the DMX™ repurposing HFR process can be applied to studio library titles, giving them a bold new look and creating the opportunity to re-monetize  them through renewed theatrical releases.

A significant application of the patented DMX™ image transform HFR process is in the creation of high quality 24-frame release masters from original 48-frame productions for conventional 24-frame cinema and home video applications. Another unique option is to use the patented DMX™ transform process for creating 48-frame 3-D where dual DLP projection such as Christie™, Barco™ and Imax™ methods are employed. The results are amazing artifact free 3-D images rivaling that of any other 3-D presentation method currently in use.