Digital Acquisition For DMX ™ Cinematography

DMX ™ motion pictures can now use both digital cameras as well as film cameras for incredible image quality employing the 48-frame acquisition format. Coupled with our proprietary image processing DMX retains the film look while at the same time reducing the unwanted artifacts of 24-frame cinema. There are now several digital cameras that incorporate large 35mm sized sensors and have frame rates compatible with the DMX ™
48-frame patented process. Using cameras manufactured by Sony, Arri and Red, these are just a few manufactures that have incorporated features that make DMX ™ images of incredible 3-D like immersive quality. Cinematography is straight forward and similar to conventional movie making which is invaluable for today’s budget conscious producers.

Digital Cameras

Compact Acquisition Format For 35mm DMX™ Cinematography

DMX ™ motion pictures use a 35mm film based camera employing a frame rate of 48-fps, it is cost effective and straight forward. A contemporary, state of the art camera with a 2-perforation movement is all that is required. Operating at 48-fps the camera load running time is the same as conventional 4-perforation shooting. Modern film emulsions with their sensitivity and high quality grain structures allow for an image of outstanding resolution while retaining all important production flexibility. Digital scanning and the use of the digital intermediate post process eliminates the need for optical printing. Intermediate film stocks that in the past degraded image quality are now no longer used resulting in a far superior image. Today many camera equipment suppliers such as Aaton, Arriflex & Panavision are manufacturing cameras, scanners and location review projectors for the 2-perforation format.